Intuitive interface

Have you ever booked a flight on the internet or used a search engine? Then you can also operate the Owlet Nightshift system. We can provide you with customised systems. Ranging from simple, pre-configured solutions to “high-end” solutions which allow each light point to be controlled individually.

Owlet Nightshift Webinterface

You can also operate the web interface from any location and use its many facilities, including accessing reports, changing dimming profiles or setting up time profiles. For example, light points can be controlled individually over the internet for special occasions such as public events. The web technologies employed by the Owlet Nightshift system allow it to be used with any browser, and on mobile devices and tablet computers.

All recorded data is saved in a MySQL database and can therefore form part of any long-term analyses, such as energy consumption, or comprehensive fault diagnoses.

The built-in report function lets you see what is happening with your light installations at all times. You can devise your own reports, choose from standard file formats such as pdf, xls or text-only documents, and look at the reports directly or select how you would like to receive them. As an email or text message on your mobile phone, for example, when a certain situation occurs. It’s your choice.


A benefit to you is that we employ open technologies such as MySQL or the Python engine for programming the controllers. You therefore remain independent of the supplier and have flexibility. Our system also offers you high security standards.

Safe and Reliable

Owlet Nightshift uses modern security systems such as 128-bit AES encryption and VPN – known for their high security. All communication is encrypted and secure. This protects your system against hacking.

The ZigBee protocol used for sending data also has a very high level of security thanks to four important security systems: authentication, message integrity, message confidentiality and replay protection. That’s why ZigBee is being used in more and more industry sectors where security, reliability and communication standards are called for.

Strong interference levels do not affect network communication. Even with massive interference the ZigBee network communicates 10 times better than an “undisrupted” power line network.

Benefit even more from our system, thanks to its built-in energy-saving mechanisms which are able to lower your costs.

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