Owlet Service

Owlet not only offers you one of the simplest systems on the market. It also has other beneficial services – from planning to turn-key solutions –
all tailor-made for your requirements.


Owlet Training

Is telemanagement new territory for you or would you like to add solutions in this sector to your portfolio? We can offer you training in the various telemanagement philosophies, system design as well as setting up and operating our telemanagement systems.



You and our engineers can get together and come up with the best system for you – and we’ll always keep an eye on your budget and schedule.


Installation & setup

Our skilled engineers will take care of the installation and configuration on site until handover.


Turn-key solutions

As part of the Schréder Group GIE, Owlet has access to a very wide knowledge base in street lighting and the many advantages available to a market leader in this segment. We therefore offer you complete telemanagement solutions, including the electrical installation and the hardware from the mast to the bulb. Or just single components, if that is all you need.

You can obtain the whole range of Owlet products via your regional Schréder distributor or directly from us.


Frequently asked questions about the Owlet Nightshift system.

FAQ (5)

What energy savings can I expect from integrating the telemanagement system?

This of course depends on your particular installation, but if all the facilities (CPO, VPO and SDLO) are combined you can reach savings between 30% and 40%.

Why does Owlet use wireless communication instead of a power line?

In Germany, the way the road lighting is set up varies from state to state, from town to town even. Unfortunately not every street lighting network has its own power supply. Therefore, in mixed areas where there are households and industrial sites with large consumers, disruptions in the electricity network often occur. Sometimes not even all the lights in a road lighting network are connected to the same supply network. In such cases, guaranteeing the system will run smoothly is not possible. With Nightshift, Owlet has created a network that can communicate disruption-free anywhere in the world and is easy to operate – that’s why we use wireless technology.

Is the wireless communication disrupted by other systems using 2.4 Ghz, e.g. wireless hotspots?

Many institutions, including Schneider Electric, the University of California and the ZigBee Alliance, have invested in ZigBee and created a communication network unaffected even when a lot of interference occurs. You can find more information about this at www.zigbee.org. Our field trials have confirmed this. Despite huge interference, the ZigBee network communicated 10 times better than an undisrupted power line network.

What types of ballasts and bulbs can be used with the system?

The answer is simple – all of them! Any kind of bulb or ballast (magnetic, with or without output reduction, and electronic, with 0 – 10V interface or DALI) can be used with Owlet Nightshift.

Is the internet communication secure? Can hackers get into the system?

Owlet Nightshift uses modern security systems such as 128-bit AES encryption and VPN – known for their high security. The entire communication is encrypted and secure; ZigBee also has a very high security level to prevent listening in or the wireless communication being changed. Four important security systems are used: authentication, message integrity, message confidentiality and replay protection.

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