OLC (Outdoor Luminaire Controller)

No matter what street lighting you have installed, you might already be able to use Owlet. This is because the Owlet controller range can be used with all types of bulbs and ballasts. The controller has an exact energy meter, switching and dimming functions, as well as reliable ZigBee communication and a fault reporting system.

LuCo-NX LuCo-NX (Lumen Controller Next Generation)

The LuCo NX is meant to be fitted directly in the luminaire. The controller is for universal use in all environments (110-277V, 50/60Hz, 0-10 volt/DALI dimming signal).

It receives the SeCo control signals via ZigBee and controls the ballast. The controller continually measures the energy consumption, saves the values and forwards them to the SeCo.

A photocell and the integrated astronomic clock ensure that the lamps switch on and off properly even if it’s not possible to access the system.

LuCo PD LuCo-PD (LumenController Photocell-integrated)

The LuCo-PD is meant to be mounted on the lamps. Due to its robust construction, the controller can withstand even the harshest conditions. It is for universal use in all electrical environments.

It also enables lamps to be individually dimmed (0-10 volt/DALI).

Here too, photocells and the astronomical clock ensure redundant operation.

Segment Controller SeCo (Segment Controller)

The SeCo is the link between the OLCs and web interface. It controls a segment of up to 150 controllers and transmits any manual adjustments to them directly. The SeCo records all data via ZigBee and sends it to the web server over a secure internet connection. What is more, it saves energy data for the entire segment, enabling consumption to be invoiced precisely.

The SeCo is easy to program and entirely customisable. Areas requiring different lighting, such as junctions or pedestrian crossings, can be put together in logical groups and operated simultaneously.

The control centre

With its combination of future-oriented hardware and an easy-to-operate web interface, Owlet Nightshift allows you to access your lighting systems at any time trouble-free. We always keep our servers at the latest technical standard, ensuring increased security and consistent performance.

Owlet Nightshift Webinterface/-server:

You do not need expensive controls or a special computer structure to operate the Owlet Nightshift system. Open technologies enable the system to be installed wherever you like and remain independent of suppliers. The web interface can be used with any browser, either on a stationary or mobile device. All recorded data is saved in a MySQL database which means that long-term analyses can be performed or comprehensive fault diagnoses made.

No special knowledge is needed to operate the system.

Autonomous Network Dimming

If you want to dim your street lighting according to demand, ANDI offers you high energy savings with low costs.

ANDI is a self-contained system that uses minimal hardware and is easy to configure. The networked controllers enable
a time-dependent dimming profile with minimal lighting, and sensor-controlled maximum lighting convenience when
required. Once set up, the system runs automatically. A server is not required.

LuCo-AD (Lumen Controller Autonomous Dimming):

The AD controller built into every lamp saves its individual dimming profile. When in idle mode, the controller switches on time-dependent basic lighting. It only switches to a comfortable high level of lighting when motion is detected. Maximum energy savings and adapted lighting comfort are combined.

The small LuCo AD controllers are easily integrated and can be used in all electrical environments thanks to their universal design (110-277V, 50/60Hz, 0-10 volt/DALI dimming signal).

Sensors connected to the controller wirelessly control any number of controllers in the network. Sophisticated, intelligent lighting scenarios can therefore be made a reality.

Once configured, the system works autonomously. A photocell and the integrated logic also ensure reliable lighting if individual components fail.

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