Owlet employs technologies which allow you to lower your energy and operating costs. Continuous fault monitoring reduces
maintenance costs. Furthermore, the system extends the life of the bulbs which also results in lower maintenance and purchasing costs.

You don’t need to make any large investment because the Owlet controllers are compatible with your existing bulbs and ballasts.
No expensive software has to be purchased with Owlet. You can install the web interface on your current hardware.

Owlet always has an eye on your system. Driving down roads checking the lights is a thing of the past. When the system reports
a problem, you can go directly to the lamp and repair it

Savings using Owlet


Energy-saving methods already integrated in the software help you make the best and cheapest use of your bulbs..

Constant Lumen Output (CLO): Energy saving 8%-10%

Bulbs lose luminosity over time. That’s why a new bulb needs more power at first than necessary to provide the required output.

CLO compensates for the loss in luminosity, thereby preventing excessive electricity consumption. This saves up to 10% in energy.



Virtual Power Output (VPO): Energy saving up to 25%

Because bulbs for street lighting are offered with fixed watt outputs, in practice certain factors may produce the incorrect light levels.

Instead of using the next highest value at full output and consuming more energy, you can let Owlet Nightshift dim the bulbs to the required level and save up to 25% in power.



Selective Dynamic Lumen Outptu (SDLO): Energy saving 30%-40%

Wouldn’t it be great if you could control the lighting level according to the amount of traffic? Owlet Nightshift lets you define dimming profiles which provide roads with just a little light at night when it is quiet and more light during rush hour.

This can save between 30% and 40% in energy.



Environmentally friendly

By using the bulbs efficiently, you don’t just lower operating costs and save energy. With the reduced CO2 emissions,
increasing the sustainability of your installation also protects the environment.

Environmentally friendly

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