Welcome to the website for Owlet Nightshift, the new telemanagement
system for monitoring, controlling and measuring street lighting systems.

The Owlet principle

Owlet Nightshift – a unique combination of future-oriented hardware and a web interface that is easy to operate.

Simple and secure

Always know what’s happening with your system. With the simplest and most secure systems currently available on the market.

Efficient and sustainable

Owlet saves energy and lowers your costs. At the same time it increases the sustainability of your installations. All this without large investment.


Installation & Setup

We’ll look after you while the system is being designed, installed, right up to when it’s handed over.


Any questions?

Is there anything else you’d like to know about our telemanagement system? Our FAQ page will give you more information about Owlet and the technologies used.


Please contact us

Are you interested in our system? Then please get in touch with us. We can tell you what options are available to you in a personal consultation.

About Owlet

Owlet Nightshift, with its headquarters in Mainz, can supply you with an intelligent telemanagement system for monitoring and controlling road lighting.

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